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Interior Consulting

Purpose, comfort, and beauty are actualized though an artistic approach to composition.  Beginning with inspiration and exploration, we will move through the stages of design to find you the most efficient, functional and stylish solution while keeping in mind budget, accessibility and timelines.   For an hourly fee I can walk you through ideas, concepts and solutions or provide creative direction for specific problems such as layout, paint selection or where to find attainable art, lighting and accessories.  

FF&E  /  Styling  /  Purchasing 

Furniture, fixtures & equipment - After the build and the dust has literally settled - Making your space all work together isn't always easy.  Whether it's hunting for the perfect antique or vintage piece, to placing that toss pillow just so - I can help source it out to make a environment look superb for you or for a photoshoot when marketing or documenting your project.  It often takes an outsider with an objective view to help with styling and placement to give it life and realize its greatest visual narrative. 


I can oversee the installation, assembly and placement of items within the space and ensure that everything is up to standard by working directly with vendors and manufacturers to provide the highest quality items as well as advising on colour, size and style to best meet the needs of the project.  I can also track delivery and the installation progress throughout the project. 

  • Art procurement

  • Accessory sourcing and implementation 

  • Wall coverings, drapery & soft furnishings

  • Furniture

  • Lighting

  • Carpets and flooring

Finish Specification  

Keeping in consideration multiple lifestyles, budgets and demographic regions, I can customize a bespoke vision and together we can collaborate with developers, home builders, architects and landscape designers to create a customized tailored plan to help make a project memorable and distinct.    

  • Hard Surface and Material Selection

  • Interior & Exterior Finish Selection

Property Styling and Staging 

As a professional stylist, I provide comprehensive services to help homeowners, real estate agents and developers showcase their properties in the best possible light. The goal is to create an attractive and welcoming environment that appeals to a wide range of potential buyers, ultimately leading to a quick and profitable sale.

This includes:

  1. Space planning: rearrange furniture, decor and accessories to create a well-balanced and inviting layout that maximizes the use of space.

  2. Staging and decorating: I will stage your home furniture, decor, lighting and accessories that appeal to the target buyer demographic resulting in a model home look.

  3. Accessorizing: Adding in finishing touches such as accent pillows, plants and artwork to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

  4. Decluttering and depersonalizing: I will suggest and help you remove any personal items, excess clutter and outdated decor to create a neutral and current environment that allows buyers to envision themselves living in the space.

With expertise and attention to detail, I am committed to working with you to achieve your desired results and to make sure your home stands out in the market.

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